At Oykos, we believe we are the best tasting yogurt in the world. We select only the tastiest recipes for you to enjoy in every pot. Whether for a delicious snack or dessert, the irresistibly thick and creamy texture of our Greek-Style yogurts will get your taste buds tingling! Don’t believe us?! Try it yourself. Your spoon will thank you later…


It’s important to us that you love the way that we run our business as much as you love our taste.

As a B Corp™, we are part of a global movement of companies who aim to use business as a force for good in society. It is important to us that we show our positive impact on people and planet.

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In line with our B Corp™ commitment, we have joined the fight against food waste and partnered with Too Good To Go, the anti-food waste company, to help our consumers understand better date labels on our products and in turn, help eliminate food waste.

From June 2021 onwards, you will see a switch from ‘Use by’ to ‘Best Before’ label on our multipack cardboard sleeves. The Best Before date is an indicator of quality rather than safety. This means that our yogurts will be safe to eat after the date shown, but their flavour and texture may not be as good quality. In addition, our packs will include a new pictogram with the mention ‘look, smell, taste’ to remind consumers to trust their senses instead of relying only on date labels.